An ongoing collection of images based on sidewalks and alleys. More often than not these are ‘found images’ on various walks around cities rather than planned.

Passing Windows-Snatched Images

Walking down the street, sat in planes and cars, windows sometimes present a view to you that is ready framed.


For the last three years, I’ve been working for a small (but growing) software company. With customers across Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the United Arab Emirates, I can spend 100+ nights a year in hotels.

Most of the time one room is very much alike to another. Every now and again though something catches the eye.


Yorkshire Evening Post Newspapers

I worked at Yorkshire Post Newspapers (later Johnston Press) for thirteen years. Based in the brutalist concrete bunker¬†for several years without windows, I have mixed feelings about it’s demolition.

In hindsight, I wish I’d taken more opportunities to take photos. These were after all staff had moved to the new offices on Whitehall Road.


One of the best cameras I ever owned was an old Polaroid SX70. The original tan leather model now commands crazy prices when they appear for sale and film is increasingly difficult and expensive, but using one is unlike any other camera.

People who would otherwise turn away when a camera is pointed at them, are quite happy to pose in front of the SX-70 once it pops open concertina style.

The fact that collapsed it looks like a Star Trek tricorder also helps.

Rock Star

A drunken evening in Brighton with Ewen Spencer, whilst at University of Brighton undertaking a narrative based photo project.