✈ Things you notice travelling on a Dutch intercity train.

  • Double-decker trains: these are brilliant! It’s time to re-design the UK to allow these. Whatever the cost!!
  • Leg Room: Maybe due to having two decks, more legroom is afforded to each and every seat.
  • Tables: as the legroom is increased, so is the size of the seat table, making it actually possible to use a laptop on one.
  • Screens: in each carriage that displays which station you are approaching and at what time you are due to arrive
  • Bins: it appears the Dutch can be trusted with bins. Each seat has one
  • The absence of morons using speakers on phones: possibly less to do with the train itself and more the maturity of the people themselves.
  • Noise: a gently fast whirring noise as opposed to clunky squeaky UK trains
  • Speed actually looks and feels like we are travelling faster than 40mph
  • Smells(1): that ever present smell of toilet (especially prevalent on CrossCountry Trains) is lacking. This is good.
  • Smells(2): the lack of diesel fumes in general is good.

Probably more I could think off, but not bad for first hour on board

DJ Derek

Photo By Maarten van Maanen – https://www.flickr.com/photos/maartmeester/3927624268/,
CC BY-SA 2.0https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41906767

Thought of this after reading an article about the Star & Garter just the other day. 

Whilst I’ve never been, I was aware of it’s influence in the Bristol and the wider area.

In particular the amazing story of Derek Serpell-Morris (aka DJ Derek) a one time accountant, who became a giant in the reggae world and told so well in the video below.

Munich (Aug 2018)

A quick overnight stop in Munich before flying back to the UK. Also an opportunity to briefly hop off the metro at Marienplatz station with its striking orange platforms.

Copenhagen (July 2018)

Without a doubt, Copenhagen is my favourite city, and one I would choose to live in if the opportunity arose.

This is my sixth visit in the last 3 years and as this was a short work trick I chose to stay at Comfort Inn Vesterbro, near the central station and my customer.

It is also 5 mins walk away from Meatpacking District which is well worth a visit for easy food/drink options galore. Unfortunately, my first choice Hija de Sanchez had just stopped serving food when I arrived at 9 pm.

The disappointment was tempered with beer, burger, onion rings and rock music at Warpigs up the street.

As always no visit is complete without a visit to the Torvehallerne Market. This wonderful collection of shops, butchers, grocers and cafes, is a great place to eat/drink and watch a city that is seemingly at ease with itself.

Special mention to the Coffee Collective which serves some of the best coffee anywhere.


An ongoing collection of images based on sidewalks and alleys. More often than not these are ‘found images’ on various walks around cities rather than planned.

Forty Nineº

Leeds Art University Degree Show

Once again Leeds Art University (previously Leeds College of Art) degree show highlights the strength of its students and staff output.

In particular, this year’s photography course demonstrates the breadth of the photographic medium.

Forty Nineº refers to the forty-nine students on this years graduating BA (Hons) Photography course. Together they display a range of photographic styles which are both confident and engaging.

The degree show runs through until Thursday 14th June 2018.


  • 1º – Alec Aarons – Born from Red Ash | instagram | web
  • 2º – Jay BexBanality of a Distracted Mind | web
  • 5º – Liz Birch – You don't know me, but you're getting to know me | instagram | web
  • 9º – Holly BraithwaiteSkin | instagram | web
  • 10º – James Brook – I'd put you in a mirror | instagram | web
  • 15º – Sianna ColeThe Cat Eye Effect | instagram | web
  • 17º – Jack Davidson – A Tees Valley | instagram | web
  • 21º – Sam HortonAll for the Sake of Progress | instagram | web
  • 22º – Aston Reid Taylor Howe – What is your coloured life | web
  • 24º – Mimi InglisSomewhere In-between | web
  • 26º – Emily Kerr – Dolled Up | instagram
  • 29º – Liv Marshall – Beyond the City | instagram
  • 34º – Grace O’NeillThe English Riviera | instagram
  • 35º – Olivia ParrBeton Brut | instagram | web
  • 38º – Hilda QuickDefects | web
  • 46º – Abigail Walker – I Do It | instagram

Anthony McCall

Hepworth Gallery – Wakefield

I’ve never been a huge fan of sculpture, but still, the Hepworth is a great gallery to visit to try to provoke a reaction.

However, today’s visit was greatly enhanced by Anthonys McCall’s installation pieces. The main focus of this exhibition comprises two darkened rooms illuminated solely by video projectors.

This creates an interactive space of light and mist, that changes with the composition of the room.

It also reminded me in part of an exhibition I saw in Berlin at the awesome Hamburger Bahnhof gallery. db by Ryoji Ikeda

Passing Windows-Snatched Images

Walking down the street, sat in planes and cars, windows sometimes present a view to you that is ready framed.


For the last three years, I’ve been working for a small (but growing) software company. With customers across Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the United Arab Emirates, I can spend 100+ nights a year in hotels.

Most of the time one room is very much alike to another. Every now and again though something catches the eye.